First day of school!

Well, for me anyway.

I’m about to head off for my first day of school for my final prac *gulp*.

I’m very lucky with my school placement, and as a result I’ll have had a fairly wide range experience of schools through my four prac’s: an elite private school with one of the highest academic achievement levels in the state, and a very small school: a large regional state high school (ie as one deputy put it to me “a bit rough”): and a state school recognised as the most innovative in the state, and one of the most innovative in the country, even if they do have over 2000 students in years 8-12 *gulp*.

The downside (upside?) to this school is their split timetable, and split shift for staff which means classes for me start at 7:30am, and when I start my prac full time after the school holidays I will be teaching every morning at 7:30am on the dot. Ouch. Where’s that coffee?

Of course the upside to this is I finish school officially at 1pm (or 1:05pm if you want me to be really specific) so am able to spend a couple of hours at school before doing the after school madness with the kids.

And while this isn’t the most exciting thing that’s happened this week, it’s certainly the happiest. And with that, I’d better get gone and get myself sorted.

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  1. , 4. September 2009, 9:03

    eeeek. &.30 is bad enough for adults but it’s downright cruel to expect teenagers to be there at that time. Research has shown they NEED to sleep later.

    Hope the prac goes well! I’m sure you will blitz it!

  2. , 13. September 2009, 17:07

    wow. My kids would not like a 7:30 start At. All!

    good luck with it all Kin! :)

  3. , 13. September 2009, 20:11

    Good luck with the prac. I am a morning person so like those types of hours, especially now that it is getting lighter earlier in the morning.


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