Playing Catch Up

I always knew it would be tough coming back to my Dip Ed after a 6 year break. In Queensland the syllabus documents work on a 7 year cycle, which means everything I learned 6 and 7 years ago has changed.

The degree I’m doing has changed 5 times since then.

The teaching staff at university have all changed.

The requirements for teacher registration and employment with the state have VASTLY changed.

And I knew nothing about any of it.

So it’s no wonder really I’ve felt like I’ve been playing catch up all the time.

One of the new requirements is that pre-service teachers, in order to be provisionally registered and allowed to accept employment in a registered school, is that you have completed a certain number of days of “wider professional experience”. Similar to teachers’ professional development, demonstrating basically that you’re committed to teaching and willing to give up extra time to do stuff. As an example of some of my wider professional experience, I have used things such as:

  • Assistant coaching U6 soccer team
  • Austswim training course
  • Hosting Lions exchange students
  • Organising Lions Youth of the Year
  • Assisting with Lions youth camps
  • Helping out in my daughters Prep classroom

Still, all these new requirements and changes have left me feeling majorly uninformed. Because of this, I’ve also attended two conferences this semester, the first was the annual conference of the Business Educators Association of Queensland (BEAQ) and just this weekend gone the Beginning and Establishing Teachers Association (BETA) pre-service teachers conference. Both were so vastly different, yet at the same time very informative. I met some wonderful teachers who were only too happy to share their knowledge and wisdom, and even got some free accounting advice from an accountant with his own practice who teaches in a country school on his “day off”. I picked up some job leads, some tips for getting a job, a better understanding of new system changes, of curriculum issues. I caught up with perhaps my most influentual lecturer of my uni career - who is now a principal in a school near where we’ve moved from - in case we were considering moving back he offered me a job LOL.

Now, I would probably have considered attending these conferences anyway, particularly the BEAQ one, but these new requirements kind of forced my hand and I’m glad they did.

If nothing else, the freebies at these kinds of things are awesome.

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  1. , 26. August 2009, 15:20

    playing catch up isn’t always a bad thing, just usually an invconvenient thing.

    Glad you got some good info and contacts out of it all :)

  2. , 29. August 2009, 20:35

    I really enjoy opportunities like that to meet people in person and talk about common interests.


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