Assignments here, assignments there

Assignments assignments everywhere.

Well, that’s how it feels anyway. I have handed in two already this semester, and even recieved one back. I’m not entirely sure of my mark, what with using high school criteria sheets for a university assignment (ie 5 levels of achievement vs 7 levels of achievement) but since I had 4/5 ticks in the highest column, and one int he second highest column, I’m claiming that as a high distinction. Hooray for me.

Pity it is worth just 10% of the final grade for the subject. I mean, it is a plan for the other assessment for that subject, which is worth…. 90% of the final grade. Oh, and that’s due in exactly 11 days.

Why yes, I am procrastinating, are you really surprised?

Following that I have one other major piece of assessment, but it isn’t due for a month after this one, so I can take my time with it a bit more.

Of course I have a million other things to do. Like my prac, which starts single days the day of this great big assignments due date. Of course I don’t have a school yet, so I can’t plan anything. And you all know how much I hate not being able to plan. I have to organise child care, depending on the school before and after school care, transport arrangements etc etc etc, not to mention the actual organising of work to teach etc etc.

No, I’m not stressed at all. Although my shoulder/back problem is reappearing. You know the one my osteo said was “study back”. Yeah. Drugs are high on my list of priorities first thing in the morning. Actually most of the day at the moment, which isn’t great, but my doctor assures me is normal with my problems.

Still, that’s where I’m up to with my assignments. I’m fairly happy with how I’m doing - I’m not terribly behind in everything. There’s just so much to do and think about - and I need to start applying for jobs.

But one thing at a time.

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  1. , 24. August 2009, 8:53

    Hmm so do I ask you how to organise myself for my studying then?? Ha ha I can get my act together and I’m only doing one of those pretend bored housewife ones, how the hell will I cope if I go back to real study??

  2. Kin, 25. August 2009, 8:08

    Oh really it’s not that bad. I can tell you what to do, but I just can’t seem to do it myself. Although I have made a big start on the next assignment (due Friday week) already. I’m hoping to have the bulk of it done by Saturday.

  3. , 25. August 2009, 11:26


    Back pain is the pits.

    Hope you feel better soon get your other stuff finalised so you can get organised.


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