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With everything that has happened this semester, what with the moving house, spending exams looking for work rather than studying, and no on-campus session to motivate me, I was genuinely worried I wouldn’t pass this semester, let alone reach my goal of maintaining a credit average.

So it was a surprise to discover I managed a pass (for Property Law) and a credit (for Equity).

Of course I am disappointed not to get that credit in property, considering I did pretty well on the assignment, but I’m terrible in exams. The pressure is too much, I can’t think, I need to talk through problems to get to the solution, and most importantly as “technically” gen y, my hand gets sore after I’ve been writing for 10 minutes, let alone 3 hours.

Still, the good news is I passed, and while I can’t quite squeeze in a law subject this semester, I can see that long term I’m still on track to get there.

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  1. , 17. July 2009, 16:42

    Congrats! You can be very proud of yourself with everything you have bene through the last few months!

  2. , 17. July 2009, 23:40

    Well done Kin!

    With all the moving and whatnot, I thought you did well just to keep going :)

  3. , 18. July 2009, 12:33

    Congratulations Kin. I hope thinks also sort themselves out job wise for your family too.


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