Exams. Are. Over.

Yes, I’m just a little bit happy about that.

This semester was awful. What with the whole moving thing, M&M starting two new schools, ballet, soccer, swimming, etc etc etc.

The exams were awful. Just awful. After the Tuesday exam-that-nearly-wasn’t-because-I-arrived-and-noone-was-told-I-was-coming-and-thus-my-exam-wasn’t-there that eventually was faxed and so I started late but wasn’t allowed to leave beause I could be cheating (I’m not sure how though, but whatever) and it was AWFUL.

Then Thursday’s exam I though I’d done quite well, until I was talking to the only other person doing the same exam as me afterwards and it seemed I’d only got 1 out of 3 issues in the first question. Woops.

Anyway, I have since recieved my assignment results and while not brilliant, they are certainly encouraging considering the disrupted semester. Both putting me on target to maintain my credit average, although possibly not after the exams, but we’ll see.

Now all that remains is to wait for the results, and whether I’m accepted back into the education so I can get that finished.

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  1. , 23. June 2009, 20:12

    Fingers cross that good results come back from the exams.

    Glad they are over at least and you can have some rest now (ROFL with children in the house… well hopefully get some rest anyway)

  2. , 3. July 2009, 5:56

    There’s nothing like that feeling when things like exams/reports/year12 essays/ whatever are finished.
    As I tell my year 12 kid, there’s no point stressing about exams once you’ve done them. (It’s far more productive to stress a little before you take them, because that’ll make you study.) Once they’re done… it’s out of your hands. So just run off, skipping and jumping, into the sunset and relax…

  3. , 11. July 2009, 14:04

    You have certainly crammed a lot in to a semester. I think it is amazing that you didn’t just throw the towel in. :)


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